What is your passion? Really, think about it?
What makes you feel complete while your in the middle of it all? What makes you smile in your heart and wants you running back for more?

This is what our life journey is about. Finding your passion and following it…and eventually living it everyday.

Herbs have been a passion of mine since college. It has taken me many years to find the correct path to follow.  How can I help people with herbs and optimize there health through food, exercise and herbs? I mean, I went to college and studied Graphic Arts and Advertising, I am suppose to follow that path, right?

Well, for now I am (I have bills to pay), but my goal is to help others full-time and focus on my passion. I give it 2 years, yes I have set a timeline. Gutsy, I know, I may not reach it, but I will sure try. If I don’t try, I will never know and that I cannot live with. I would rather try and fail, but I know I won’t! Life’s circumstances have made my time moving forward even more challenging, so with this I fight and push even harder.

The pic below is me vending at my 1st Florida Herbal Conference. This was a BIG deal for me, just getting my feet wet in the herbal community. Now, almost 3 years later and we will be going back again, and I am just as excited and honored to be a part of it! My product line has almost doubled since and I am feeling more confident and educated as ever.

wrn booth
Now, after studying under Joanna Helms and falling deeper in love with herbs since, I have found something that is a part of me. Joanna has laid a foundation in me that can only grow.
She has given me the courage and vitality to follow it, follow my passion.

What’s your passion? Do you follow it?