Found this awesome organization today when I was browsing the web.
Lovin’ Soap Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
This is a must to check out and learn more. Whether you love soap making or want to help others succeed. A mere $10 a month gets you a both a ton of info and also helps the organization. What a great deal! I didn’t blink twice at helping this organization.


About Lovin Soap Project
We don’t choose where we’re born, or our gender, and it shouldn’t dictate our chances of survival or worth as people. But every day, infants and children in less-developed countries die of hygiene-related illness, and  girls and women are denied access to education and job training that would enable families and communities to rise out of poverty. The Lovin’ Soap Project is a  grassroots, hands-on organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through health, education, artisan soap making, business planning, and economic development.

We’re committed to creating a positive and sustainable solution for every community served. We are feet on the ground and hands in the dirt, sourcing materials, following up with and supporting participants, and most importantly, listening to and learning about what impacts them most and how to address their issues. The Lovin’ Soap Project has a whole tribe of people that work together in country and back home to make what we do successful.

Check them out today and give. Thank you!