It’s spring and it’s time to get outdoors! Do yourself a favor, ‘Take a Hike’! Get outside, go camping, smell the earth and fresh air. Touch a tree, plant some veggies or flowers. Find a field and lay down and stare at the clouds passing by, whatever it is just get outside. Plan a camping trip or a simple vacation.

Wildroot Naturals has your back and the earth’s for your outdoor adventure! We now sell Travel/Camping Soap strips. Cute huh? Yeah, we thought so too! Seriously though, one of these strips could last you your entire 1 week vacation! Then you can truly sit back and relax knowing your skin is happy and you know you are putting earth friendly products down the drain. Also wonderful when you are living in the woods for a week, knowing when you wash your hands or face or even take a bath in the lake, you won’t be harming any plant or animal life in the process.

All our soaps are cold or hot process. Right now we have a ton of hot process soaps that we made quick to get a stock pile, but we also make cold process. We have a variety of soaps. A Detox soap with Activated Charcoal and Peppermint EO, Red Moroccan Clay and Rosemary, Citrus Soap with Lemon peel, lemongrass EO and Sweet Orange EO, ‘Dirty Boy’ our all natural antibacterial soap with Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil, our fragrance free Green Tea soap, and our ever popular Lavender Oatmeal soap.

These adorable bags and soap samples are also a great way to sample our product and the different types of soaps we make even if you aren’t going anywhere. Seriously only $5!


Where are you planning on going? How will you get outdoors this season?


travel soap_sample
Travel/Camping Soap by Wildroot Naturals