Most of us tend to have somewhat negative associations with salt, however­—from the dehydrating discomfort (thirst, bloating) we experience after we’ve eaten too much of it, to the long-term health dangers of a sodium-heavy diet, to the filmy, sticky feeling that inevitably punctuates long days at the beach. It’s certainly not something that springs to mind when thinking about hydration—even though certain salts have a unique ability to attract and hold water, making them a valuable ingredient in moisturizer formulation.


Mineral salt, such as Dead Sea salt, is rich in magnesium and calcium, which improve hydration by strengthening the barrier function of the skin.” Indeed, those minerals—in addition to zinc and potassium, other components of unrefined salt—are classified by scientists as “natural moisturization factors” for the way they support the skin’s water balance. “An example I give my patients is that when you sit in a non-salt bath, your skin wrinkles and prunes,” Fusco says. “But that doesn’t happen in salt water because salt reproduces an environment in balance with your skin in which your skin doesn’t leak out moisture.”

Taking a bath once or twice a week can treat both common and more serious skin disorders, and even reduce the signs of aging. It’s an inexpensive, enjoyable way to pamper yourself, with lasting results. Adding natural sea salts to your bath (in the form of bath salts) is a wonderful way to treat your skin. Bath salts contain many valuable nutrients and minerals that are naturally found in the sea. The warm water in your bathtub opens your pores, so your skin can absorb the nutrients effectively. As you soak in your bath, sea salts draw impurities from the innermost layers of the skin, detoxifying and cleansing all at once. Bathing using sea salt makes your skin softer and more supple than you ever would have imagined, and over time, can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite. Bathing in sea salts moisturizes dry, chapped skin, and balances oily skin.  Take a bath once or twice a week for a month and pay attention to the condition of your skin. It will be softer, smoother, and more balanced than ever before. Wildroot Naturals has 2 wonderful Salt Baths for sale here.
Seawater is where all life originates. Our bodies contain the same concentrations of minerals and nutrients as the sea, and natural sea salt stabilizes the natural balance inside of us. Sea salt stabilizes blood pressure, balances sugar levels in the blood, improves nerve cell “communication” and information processing, aids in the absorption of nutrients, prevents muscle cramping, and gets rid of sinus congestion – to name a few.

People travel from all over the world to the Dead Sea for the benefits of the salt water and the Mud/Clay. The combination of the two does wonders for your soul and skin. Dead Sea

Dead Sea salt is filled with natural healing elements that occur naturally in our bodies but are often lost as we go about our busy days. Soaking in water enriched with this salt is known to benefit the body from the inside out, treating skin conditions and improving internal processes.

Sea salt contain calcium, known for its health effects on bones and teeth but seldom known for its ability to deep-clean the pores in our skin.  Sea salt also contains bromide, a mineral known for soothing the skin. Potassium aids in the reduction of water retention, and iodine regulates metabolic processes on a cellular level. These and a host of other minerals condition the skin from the inside out, helping it grow stronger and more resilient, and able to defend against the harmful effects of sun exposure, a dry climate, and stress.

Wildroot Naturals also makes a Sea Spray, with just a subtle hint of Lavender, for your face and neck. You can also use it through-out your body if you desire. I love to spray it just as I get out of the shower.

Increased circulation, antiseptic effects, soft skin without a greasy feel and reduction in fluid retention are just some of the additional benefits of sea salt for the skin.

Have you used Dead Sea Salt on your skin before? Did you see any benefits? Negatives? Would you travel across the earth for the benefits of The Dead Sea?

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